Eyelashes, Eyebrows & HD Microblading

Eyelashes, Eyebrows & Microblading Price List

  • Eyelashes and Eyebrows

    Patch test is required for all of the below, a minimum of 24hrs before treatment.

  • Eyebrow tint

  • Eyelash tint

  • Eyelash & eyebrow tint

  • Lash AirLift

    Why were choosing AirLift? Exclusive to LashArt, AirLift Lash Lift is the most advanced and accurate lifting system in the industry enabling us lash artists to have overall control of your lift, whether it’s a dramatic DD curl, a glamour D curl or natural C curl, thanks to its revolutionary ruler and shield system. AirLift Lash Lift takesless treatment time as a result of the new powerful formulated lifting cream and fast setting fixing gel, largely reducing exposure time to chemicals and improving on your comfort. The slim designed lash lift pads provide a neat fit for all eye shapes and firmly stay in place to protect the skin, to maximise your safety. Featured 8 different shield sizes, AirLift Lash Lift covers all natural lash lengths from 6mm to 12mm and works magic on short stubborn lashes. Airlift Lash Lift requires no maintenance and lasts for 6-8 weeks. The aftercare for AirLift Lash Lift is minimum, with no special maintenance routine other than keeping lashes dry for the first 48 hours. All AirLift Lash Lift products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

  • Eyelash Extensions

  • Full set of classic eyelash extension

  • Lash extension infill

    2 weeks

  • Lash extension infill

    3 weeks

  • Full set of volume eyelash extensions

  • Infill

    2 weeks

  • Infill

    3 weeks

  • Lash extension removal

  • Over 3 weeks of Infills will be charged at the price of a full set. Work on another salon technicians lashes may incur further cost. Patch test required 24hrs before.

  • HD Microblading

  • Microblading 


    What is Microblading?

    Microblading is the most natural method of semi permanent makeup whereby pigment is implanted into the top layer of the skin. A tiny manual hand tool is used to create fine, crisp hair strokes to mimic the look of natural brow hair. Each client’s brows are individually designed and measured to suit the shape of their face using the golden ratio. This will ensure brows are beautifully shaped and symmetrical.  

    Who is it suitable for? 

    Microblading is amazing for people who would like to add shape, definition or fullness to their brows, or even people who are fed up with pencilling in their brows everyday. If your brows are sparse or uneven this method can help you! Microblading can also help people that have been treated with chemotherapy in the past and also people that have alopecia.  

    How long does Microblading last? 

    Microblading can last 12-18 months depending on the individuals skin type.  WHY CHOOSE HD BROWS MICROBLADING? Microblading is a commitment, so it’s important you go to a technician you can trust. When you choose a HD Brows Stylist, you can rest assured knowing that they:
    • Design bespoke brows to suit every client
    • Use only the very best products & award-winning pigments
    • Our training is powered by KB Pro, award winning permanent make up experts & industry leaders

    How much is the treatment?

    The treatment cost is £250 and this includes 2 sessions with our technician. The second session will be booked for approximately 6 weeks after your initial visit.  

    Brow maintenance prices

    6months £65

    9 months £95

    12 months £120

    18 months £175

    18 months + £200 - £250

    The above prices for maintenance are based on existing clients and maintenance of another technicians work will require a consultation prior to treatment.

We reserve the right to charge 50% of the treatment if less than 24hours notice is given.